My Birthday Dinner

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It was my birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday to me), and I went out with Mich and Jason's family last night to celebrate.

We thought of going to an Italian/Modern Australian restaurant, but I decided against the whole pretentious hoity-toity thing, so we went to Oriental Spoon, on LaTrobe, instead.

The boyfriend tried to save me from the embarrassment of a birthday cake and song, but his mom got the better of him, and I got a huge slice of tiramisu cake with a big fat candle on top.

We also tried this Korean soju (read: alcohol), which Koreans drink warm in the winter. It was actually very effective against the cold - a few sips and I was feeling very warm despite the cold draft blowing in through the open doorway. It had a really sweet, pear taste, with a wine-like aftertaste.

It was a good night, all in all. I also got so many birthday wishes, calls and texts throughout the day. Thanks everyone! It feels good to be remembered, and I'm so grateful that I have so many awesome friends and family members.

I just wish I had everyone I love here with me :)

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