Karaoke with the Law Mates

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I went out on Friday night to meet up with my law mates. We thought the Law Ball was a little bit expensive, so we thought we'd do a little Law Ball-replacement outing(s) instead.

So Friday night was one of our attempts. We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Chinatown, then went to Partyworld for karaoke.

It wasn't at all as awkward as I thought it would be! Everyone was a real sport about singing, and I had such a lot of fun laughing and singing with everyone else.

Jace came to join us at the end of the night, too! He was out with the guys, and came to walk me home. Such a sweet boyfriend :)

Josie, Grace, Aylmer, Ronald, and me. We're missing Christine, who had to leave early

Thanks Josie for the pictures! I've got a picture with Christine in it now (far left)

I didn't wear anything fancy, but I just wanted to show you the beautiful blouse that I wore that night! You can't see it in the picture, so I found a picture of it on the model to show everyone.

Get it here for AUD 13.90.

I had so much fun. We should do this again!

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