Jason's Parents are Here!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jason's parents arrived last night, at around 11.45pm. He was so excited, going to pick them up.

I didn't do much with them that night, because I had a class the next morning, but they did hang out in the living room for a little before heading out to their friends' place. They also gave me and Jace a little gift.

They got Jace and I a set of watches, and they are so beautiful! It breaks my heart taking the watch out of its case, that's how beautiful it is.

Anyway, this afternoon, I went with Jace to get the car, and drop everyone off at the Plum Hotel on Collins.
Everyone was taking a day trip somewhere, but Jace and I decided to go with his sister to Chadstone, to check out the VIP sale.

Jace and sister on the train to Chadstone, playing Charadium on his iPhone

We did about 2-3 hours' worth of shopping, and all I did was buy Michelle a purse. Yes, I am an awesome sister :)

I don't have very many pictures yet, because we haven't really spent much time together, but once I will, I'll be sure to post them up!

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