Jason's Graduation

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My boyfriend graduated last Thursday.

All of us were so proud of him! His parents were beaming, and I just couldn't help but think how handsome and smart he looked. I felt so proud, watching him walk around in his graduation gown.

We took the train down together (picture on left is him at Flinders street station waiting for our train), all 7 of us (Jace, his parents, sister, aunt, me and Michelle). Everyone was pretty excited about his graduation, actually. After all, he is the only son, and their first child, and the first to graduate in the family.

Anyway, we took the train down, then had some lunch at Meeting Point while he picked up his graduation gown. Walking out of the academic dress pick-up, I asked him for his tickets, just to check. He stopped dead in his tracks - he left them at home! Luckily, we found out from student services that you could get replacement tickets when the gates opened. Otherwise, he would've gone in to graduate by himself, and there would be very well dressed people following me around the library for a couple of hours.

The graduation ceremony itself was quick enough - he was in and out in less than 1 1/2 hours. We took so many pictures near the 'lake'. They even took jumping shots. You can see them all in my Facebook album here.

We had a little dinner after, at this place in Chinatown called Ling Nam. The food there was OK, but one big gripe I have about the place was that they didn't tell us the price of the fish that we ordered! I think with something as pricey as $78 per kilo, you should warn your customer of the price before putting in the order! We are definitely not going there again - such poor service.

After dinner, we dropped by the house to feed Chloe, then went down to Crown. Not to gamble, but to go to Galactic Circus, the arcade! Everyone had a lot of fun. I am not the video game kind of person, but I had a lot of fun collecting tickets from the games, and thinking up what to redeem with the tickets after. I ended up getting a bow and arrow (Jace's idea), a pair of oversized glasses (Michelle's idea), and a Simpsons sour candy for each of us.

Of course, the glasses were a big hit.

Congratulations again on your graduation, Jace. I'm so proud!  :)

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