How to Get Beautifully Shaped Eyebrows

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The days of thin, light eyebrows are over, and the time of strong, arched eyebrows has come. Catwalks and magazines everywhere are featuring strong, dark, and beautifully arched eyebrows. Thankfully, this is one trend that can be very easily achieved at home.

The key to creating this look without creating too harsh an eyebrow is to use eyebrow powder instead of eyebrow pencil.

For people with dark hair, choose a powder that is one shade lighter than your hair colour. Anything too dark and harsh will make you look very mannish.
For people with lighter hair - choose a shade or two darker than your hair colour.

This store sells beautiful, affordable eyebrow powders, with a large range of colours to choose from.

To create the perfect eyebrow each time, use an eyebrow stencil.
Here's a listing for a set of eyebrow stencils with a beautiful arch.

Here's another little tip:

The stencils will help you upkeep your eyebrows as well, and save you a trip to the beautician. When your eyebrows need a tweeze, fill in the stencil with a white pencil instead of your usual eyebrow powder. Then, just tweeze the hairs that aren't covered by the white powder. Voila, perfectly kept eyebrows!

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