How to Cut Your Fringe

Monday, September 06, 2010

When I was younger, I lived in bangs.

So much so that as I grew older, I developed a slight aversion towards the fringe.

The other day, however, I saw Lea Michele's new fringe, and I was struck by how beautiful she looked! So I looked it up, and found out how to cut bangs by yourself, at home.

What you will need:

Small, sharp scissors
Small comb

Here's how you do it:

1. Start with dry hair - you don't want to cut wet hair, because when it dries, it ends up about half an inch shorter

2. Part your hair the way you usually wear it, and comb your hair straight down the front. The more hair you comb down the front, the thicker (and therefore more blunt) your fringe will be. To add thickness, start your fringe from higher up on your head.

3. Determine the length of hair you are going to cut. The best length is in between your eyebrows and your lashline

4. Start cutting, only about a quarter of an inch at a time. Remember, you can always cut more if you haven't cut enough, but you can't undo it if you cut off too much. Cut upwards (vertically), into your fringe, instead of straight across. This creates the wispy, blunt look and helps control how much hair you want cut

5. Remember to only cut your bangs from iris to iris. Most women have cowlicks around the areas in between the ears and the arch of the eyebrows, so cutting any further than your iris will result in a 'hole' in your fringe, and hairs sticking out in the wrong places

6. Once you're done, cut higher into your new bangs at some sections. This will help create a wispy, piece-ey bang.

7. Blowdry your new bangs with a flat brush. Don't use a rounded brush, because this will fluff your hair where you don't want it fluffed.

And you're done!

The best part about eyelash-grazing bangs is the fact that you can wear them in a side part (the way Lea Michele does in the picture above) as well as straight across your forehead.

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