Hitting the Gym!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anyone who knows me knows that while I'm up for the occasional badminton or futsal game, just for fun. But people who know me also know that I am not the athletic type. I do not exercise frequently, or consistently, and I definitely do not go to the gym.

The other day, though, just for fun, I followed Jace out to the gym with Jin and Arnold. I half jogged, half walked all the way down to their place at Southbank with  Jace. By the time I got to their building, my legs felt so jelly-like!

I used the bike for a little while, reading Stephenie Meyer's 'Eclipse'. Unfortunately, Jace didn't bring any water along, and I soon found myself hot, weak-kneed, and light-headed.

It wasn't long before I was lounging on the floor with my book, stopping to take occasional pictures of the boys 'doing their thing'.

What I found really fun was the jacuzzi after. I had time to relax, and collect my thoughts, while the boys noisily splashed about in the pool nearby.

Then I got light-headed because the jacuzzi water was really warm, and I still hadn't had any water since I started. But it was all fixed with a good, hearty dinner after, which I'm inclined to think completely negated my prior gym effort.

It was good fun, though. Next time, I'm going armed with a giant bottle of water. We'll see how the next session (if there ever is one) goes!

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