Girly Days Out - Round She Goes Fashion Market

Sunday, September 05, 2010

I went out with the ex hall-mates for a nice girly day yesterday. Collins two3four hosted Melbourne's Round She Goes fashion market this year, and it was chock-full of awesome vintage goodies. I loved it!

We spent a good hour or so browsing around. I found this lovely little jewellery stall, and I wanted EVERYTHING on sale! Unfortunately, I didn't think the rings were very worth it, so I passed :(

I did make an amazing find, though - a lovely tweed jacket for just $10!

After the market, we were all feeling really hungry, so we went to the nearby Lindt Cafe to grab some lunch. Lindt has this lunch promotion - a meal and a drink (any drink of your choice!) for $14. I had their iced chocolate, and it came without the customary vanilla ice cream floating in the middle! I was disappointed at first, but it turns out that the iced chocolate was just as rich and creamy without the ice cream.

After lunch, we were all meant to head home, but we made a kind-of-naughty-detour into a certain little, kind of famous, store. I was blown away - I think it's safe to say we all were!

Anyway, I had lots of fun with the girls. We don't meet up very often because of schedules and the fact that everyone lives so far away, so it was definitely a long-time-coming kind of trip. Thanks guys  :)

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