Get the Look: Olivia Palermo's Gold Bracelet

A quick post, in case there are people reading who make it before the auction closes.

Olivia Palermo has been been spotted everywhere with this bracelet - one of her favourites. It's vintage, which means it is one heck of a difficult piece to find.

I found a very recent picture of her with the bracelet (and wearing amazing clothes, by the way)

Anyway, cutting a long story short, I found a very similar vintage piece selling on eBay, but the auction only lasts for another 11 hours. Here's the auction.

Hope you win!


Olivia Palermo fans, you are gonna love me :)
I found another bracelet! Quite a bit more similar to hers, compared to the vintage one above, actually!

Here's the listing.


Alya said...

Nice bracelet but now you've got me addicted to the tiffany and co website! waaaaa


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