Dinner with the Law Mates

Saturday, September 04, 2010

I had dinner with the law mates last night, and boy, was it fun!

We don't get together much, so I didn't know whether it would be fun, or just awkward. (Yes, I am painfully shy)

But it was great! We talked about so many random things, laughed a whole bunch, and even managed to plan another outing.

We met at Old Town Kopitiam in Chinatown (Little Bourke). I had the char kuay teow, which was decent. Nothing compared to real Malaysian food, but acceptable given that we are not, in fact, in Malaysia  :)

Photo credits to Polyvore.com

I wore my new brogues again! I also tried out the boyfriend's utility jacket - see this post for more ways to boost your wardrobe with your boyfriend's help - and I got more use out of it than I thought; it started raining on the way home and the hoodie was a godsend!

Heading to Melbourne's Round She Goes fashion market later with my ex hall-mates. It should be fun! I actually stumbled upon it with my parents last year whilst walking around Melbourne Central, and I thought the stuff they had was really cool, so I'm really looking forward to going later!

Will update you with my purchases later, maybe :)

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