Day Trip to the Healesville Sanctuary, Seville

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We rented out a car and took a little trip to the Healesville Sanctuary in Seville yesterday.

Jason's Dad's friends were already there - they stayed the night in a gorgeous house just outside the Seville Hill Winery, owned and operated by its owners. We joined them at the house for lunch, and I got a chance to look around. It was so beautiful! It had a gorgeous pinewood decor, a cute little fireplace, and a beautiful, blossoming backyard.

We reached the Healesville Sanctuary at about 2pm, which was a little bit of a waste, because they have all these really cool "Meet the Keeper" shows that start at around 12pm. We got to see one show that started at 2.30 - "Birds of Prey". It was all about these gorgeous falcons, and it was so interesting! We saw (among others) a bird that used a stone to break open a replica emu egg, and a really large eagle that swooped just inches above the entire crowd.

Jace at the house - there's the fireplace behind him

It took us about 2 hours, and we didn't even finish looking at all the animals. It's actually much more worth the visit compared to the Melbourne Zoo.

We went back to the house for dinner and drinks before heading home. Dinner was wonderful - I made grilled salmon with herbs and this really cool sauce that my Mom came up with. We had wine after (Jace had beer - eww), and then curled up by the fireplace with some chocolate. The warmth of the fire on my back was heavenly. I wish we had a fireplace at home!

Jace and I by the fireplace after dinner

We only started the trip back at about 12am. The poor boyfriend was tired out by then, but he was such a sport about driving us all back. He didn't complain one bit, and even woke up early the next morning to return the car.

I really want to go to Seville again! I want to stay in that house, and go wine tasting, and see the countryside. Then, I want to sip wine by the fire and laugh about old times with my family and friends. I can't wait for the holidays!

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