Current Obsession: Harem Pants

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I used to love genie pants. In fact, I owned a pair when I was younger.

Imagine my surprise when the trend started to pick up years and years later!

When they first came out in fashion magazines and runways, I was less than impressed. I didn't think the baggy, balloon shapes had any place in fashion!
But then, they started coming up with lovely, pleated, cropped versions. They looked so good.

So started my obsession.

Of course, the fact that Olivia Palermo was spotted wearing them only further fuelled my quest to find the perfect pair of harem pants!

The key to a great looking pair of harem pants (in my opinion) is a nice, tailored taper. They should not have ruched ends. The ends should be nicely folded and sewn in, as seen in Yigal Azrouel's Spring 2010 Fashion Week show (below).

A few tips you might want to look at when wearing harem pants:

1. Wear a cropped shirt, or tuck in your shirt. Something with strong shoulders and flowy sleeves would be best, but make sure the sleeves don't extend beyond your elbows, or you'll look too sloppy. A good alternative are tops with long, tight sleeves with strong shoulders.

2. I think wearing harem pants with an updo looks amazing. But that's just me  :)

3. Wear a strong shoe. Flats make an amazing statement. Make them textured, or in a bright colour. Gladiator sandals and lace-up booties look great too!

4. Keep your accessories to a minimum. You don't want to go overboard - the pants are a big enough statement.

Here are a few harem pants I found on eBay:

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