Chloe - my (almost) 1.5 year old

Thursday, September 02, 2010

I've gotten a few questions over email about Chloe, and I thought I'd answer them all in a little post dedicated to my crazy dog.

Chloe is a pure-bred Jack Russell Terrier. She was born on February 6th 2009, and we brought her home 2 months later. I wasn't at all interested in getting a Jack Russell when we first started looking for dogs, but I saw her in Pets Paradise, Melbourne Central one day, made the mistake of holding her, and fell in love.

Chloe is a horrifyingly hyper little dog (though she's calmed down a bit already), and she very much needs human contact to get through her day. When we're at home, she never lets up, always wanting to be held, or to be put in someone's lap. If we ignore her for long enough, though, she'll go find a warm little area for herself and curl up. Most of the time, she gets onto our laps. She's a pretty persistent little dog, this one.

Chloe is very intelligent and obedient, but she gets up to a hell of a lot of mischief when left alone, depending on how rowdy she's feeling. Most days I'll leave her at home and nothing happens, but some days Michelle's files go missing from her cupboard, or I find a chewed-up blanket from her own blanket stash lying around.

Don't be fooled, though. We do have to Chloe-proof the house a little before we leave - basically push the chairs in so she doesn't jump on them to get onto the tables, and pick up everything that's lying on the floor.

She is fully toilet-trained - we have a little tray in the corner of the room where she 'goes'. I don't take her out as often as all of us would like, because she always gets really itchy and her ears burn up whenever she goes out (and yes, I deworm and de-flea her).

Chloe is a sweet-tempered dog, couldn't hurt a fly (okay, I lie, she does chase and eat flies every now and again). She wouldn't do a thing to hurt us, though. Trust me, Michelle has tried like crazy to provoke her. She responds and jumps all over the place, but never chomps down on anyone's fingers or legs.

She does all kinds of cute things, too.

Every night at 6.30PM, she starts scratching at her food bowl, and then looking up at one of us. The more we ignore her, the harder she scratches.
She also paws at her water bowl when she wants more water.

She drags her blankets with her everywhere! If we're on the couch and refuse to share our blankets with her, she jumps off, and reappears a couple of minutes later with her gigantic comforter. It's quite comical watching her trying to drag a comforter 5 times her size around and up onto the couch.

When she wants food, she'll sit next to whoever's eating and place her paw on their arm. If we ignore her, she starts pawing at our arms, kind of like a person tapping you on your arm to get your attention.

She is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. Whenever I vacuum the apartment, she hides behind Michelle's chair, or runs into one of our kitchen cupboards to 'ride out the storm'.

She's the sweetest, most loyal dog. Please come meet her!  :)

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