What I Love about Malaysia

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In spirit of Independence Day (Selamat Hari Merdeka, everyone!), I'm just going to post a little bit about the things I love about Malaysia. Despite problems that I'm not going to comment on, it is, after all, my home.

Malaysia's food is awesome. Nasi lemak (pictured above), char kuay teow, yee mee, hokkien mee, the list just goes on and on! If there's one thing I'll always miss about Malaysia, it's the food. Okay, I'm making myself drool.

Mamaks! The perfect place to hang out, grab extremely cheap food, and meet up for a casual get-together. And then there are the people working at the mamaks - always a funny bunch.

This picture illustrates a 2-in-1: Giant supermarket, and the weather (oh, glorious shorts!). Giant is about a 5-10 minute drive from my home, depending on traffic, and stocks everything a grocery-slash-department store should stock. I go there to get my various snack-fixes to stock up at home.
People complain that Malaysia is way too hot, but I think it has its charms. Think of it as being at the beach, all year long  :)

The parties, the gatherings, the fireworks!! Okay, so we only bring out the fireworks like twice a year, but it's good fun! And I love that all my family members are there. Whenever I'm home, I try to meet with the cousins at least a few times a week, if all our schedules permit.

THE CAR. I miss being able to drive! I don't mind walking around the city, but it's nice to have an alternative mode of transport during those long days at uni, or after a long night out in heels, or for road trips!! Not to mention the warmth that the car provides on freezing days.

The one thing I miss the most about Malaysia is the company. I miss my cousins, miss my family members, and I miss my friends. I miss my dogs, too.

Anyway, this is Malaysia through my eyes. There are so many other things about Malaysia that I adore, but I don't have any pictures and will not bore you with dry paragraphs. Come see it for yourself  :)

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