Touring Melbourne

Monday, August 23, 2010

Having people from outside Melbourne visit is fun, because when you go out with them, you get to view Melbourne from their eyes.

It's fun being a tourist, and looking at Melbourne in a different light. When I first came, I was fascinated with everything, but Melbourne has never held that 'holiday' feel for me. At least now, I get to live vicariously through my visitors  :)

In the City Circle - Melbourne's free tram service running around the CBD

The view from below the clock tower at Melbourne Central

The Yachting Club in Sorrento

Plus, it doesn't hurt that I get extra attention when the parents are here, much to the despair of Sharon, the youngest daughter who is currently stuck in Malaysia.

The parents leave on Thursday morning, though. Dad's already counting down the days (not to mention his suitcase is fully packed already!).

All photo credits to the very talented miss Michelle Quak

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