Raudhah's Night at Oriental Spoon

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I guess everyone knows by now, Raudhah left for Dubai yesterday. She won't be back till February next year. The apartment is so empty now :(

So for the past week, we did a whole bunch of stuff together. On Monday, we had dinner together. Mich was so well-behaved, by the way. She came out for almost everything, without complaint!

We met up with Jin, Nelsie, and Arnold at Oriental Spoon for a nice dinner, and then Brunetti for dessert.

I had tiramisu with Jace at Brunetti. It was amazing!! So was the hot chocolate, by the way! I am pretty much obsessed with it now.

Michelle trying to get an embarrassing photo of me, and Jace and Arnold obviously having fun in the background.

Raudhah, enjoy your time in Dubai. Please come back soon!!

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