Queen Victoria Market

Monday, August 30, 2010

I love Victoria Market. I love the little trinkets you can buy, I love the smell of the fruit at the produce section...yum.

We went to Vic Market with the parents last week, and for the first time, we spent a major section of our time at the market....at the meat section.

The smell of the meat was so overwhelming, but in a way, it reminded me of home, when we used to follow my grandmother around the Eng Ann morning market, carrying all her stuff. The smell there was so much worse, though!

Right next to the meat section is the pastry area, my favourite! There is this one pastry shop at one of the entrances (the one right across from McDonald's) - they have amazing stuff there! Try the strawberry tart - so good!

Of course, there are also the jam doughnuts and the Spanish churros! These days the line at the jam doughnuts is a little too overwhelming, so I go for the churros.

Try them! They're at the edge of the market, at the William Street entrance, in a huge white van. You can't miss it.

Queen Victoria Market is open everyday except Mondays and Wednesdays. Check out their website here.

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