Me and My Best Teddy Bear

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Does anyone remember that song from Barney?

I didn't watch Barney, but MICHELLE used to. Tsk.

Anyway, back to the point.


No points for guessing who this post is about :)

Okay, so my celebration is very premature. But I'm going to celebrate nonetheless!!

Quak Rue Bee, cousin of cousins, is coming to Melbourne!!

Finally, after years of dreaming, months of planning, and countless visits to the Air Asia website, she's finally booked a ticket to come to Melbourne! She'll be here at the end of November, and I am quivering with excitement just thinking about all the things we can do! She and I grew up sharing everything with one another. It all changed when I moved to Melbourne, though, and I've always wanted to share a little bit of  my life here with her. Now, I can  :)

I am so thankful for all the visitors coming my way. I've always said, the only thing it would take to make Melbourne more like home was family. I'm really excited!

Oh, and did I mention?

See Chun Chiang, her boyfriend, and my friend of 8 years, is coming too!

If you see us on the streets, stop us, say hi. Make our day!  :)

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