Lunch with Priscilla

Saturday, August 14, 2010

When I was in college, I remember being at the stationery shop across the road from the main campus, when this beautiful, bubbly girl approached me and introduced herself. Turns out, she was friends with a classmate of mine, and wanted to know if I was going to prom with him.

That girl was Priscilla Lim. Today, she is still every bit as, if not more, beautiful, and as bubbly as ever!

She is in Melbourne for a visit, and I met up with her for lunch this afternoon at Coconut House on Elizabeth.

I don't have any pictures, so I stole a couple from her Facebook page (I hope you don't mind, Pris!)

Is this picture not too cute? Picture taken from her Facebook page

A very awkward picture of me at bubble tea after lunch

We went next door for bubble tea after lunch, and had a really good time just chatting and sharing a little bit more about each others' lives.

After an entire week of stress with uni work, and missing classes because I was sick, and having to catch up with work because I missed those classes, it was good just to talk to someone, get to know them a little more, and just laugh.

Because this was just a chilled lunch (and it was freezing cold), I kept my outfit simple.

I tried out a very bulky, thick utility jacket and a slouchy shirt, but kept everything else simple and sleek. All about the balance, right? The jacket kept me very, very comfy and warm :)

Thanks Pris for a great afternoon out! I'll see you again soon!

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