Katherine Heigl's Nails in 'Killers'

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I just watched the movie 'Killers' starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl yesterday. It was a pretty good movie overall (yes, I like movies of fluffy substance), but I was particularly interested in her nails.

They were such a gorgeous colour!

If you recall my previous post on black nails, you'll remember the gorgeous OPI Designer Series colour - Mystery.

I love black nails, and I think Katherine Heigl's nails in the movie were gorgeous! So neat and rich in colour.

Here are a few tips for wearing black nail polish:

Wear a top and base coat
The base coat helps protect your nails from discolouring due to the dark colour of the polish. The top coat prolongs the life of the polish, preventing chipping.

Keep your hands young and fresh
Not many people know this, but your hands and neck are places that begin to show signs of ageing the fastest, and most obvious. Protect your hands with a hand cream with sunscreen - like Kiehl's Unusually Rich-But-Not-Greasy-At-All-Hand Cream with SPF 10

For less expensive options, try these creams selling on eBay:

Kose Pure Hand Care UV Cream SPF 15

Clarins Hand Care Age-Control Hand Lotion SPF 15

Borghese Brightening Hand Cream SPF 30

Keep your nails short
Black is quite striking as it is, and long nails will make you look slightly witch-like....unless that's the look you're going for.

Make sure you colour the tip of your nails, as well
Colouring the tip of your nails helps to prevent chipping, which is very important when you're wearing dark nail polish

Also, a little tip for you when the nail polish actually does chip: dab your nail colour on the same spot, then wet your finger with a little bit of your polish remover, and gently dab the fresh spot. Wait for it to dry, then paint on a layer of your top coat.

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