I Love Weekends

Sunday, August 08, 2010

I had an awesome day yesterday, despite my red eye.

Mich needed flats, and I had a date with all boot stores, so we set out to Spencer Street Shopping Centre to look around.

Mich and I having lunch at the Docklands Harbour Town Shopping Centre

Stopped by my absolute favourite shop - Typo - to browse, and I got myself a little notebook for only AUD 3.95. I like  :)

I finally got my boots! We visited the stores at both Spencer and Docklands, and I ended up getting boots from Novo. They were on sale (yay) and I think they look really good! Mich, however, has reservations about the fold-down flap on the boots. I'll post a picture of them the next time I go out.

Mich and her (very stylish) outback hat

We met up with Jace, who had an IELTS exam in the afternoon, for lunch.

Jace and his KFC Ultimate Burger meal

I wore a faux-leather (go green!) jacket with a white tank top and pale olive cardigan, with black flats (in anticipation of all the walking). If I had my way, my tank would be slouchy, and my feet wouldn't hurt - hence the boots in the picture below. 

Photo credits to Polyvore.com

And the fun just continued...Jace was inspired by something he saw in the afternoon, so he came home and fixed up the PS2. I should really say he 'attempted' to fix it, because after about half an hour of wondering why the picture wouldn't show (and shooing me away!), I came over, plugged it into a bunch of different inputs, and everything ran fine  ;)

Oh weekends. Don't you wish they would just never end.

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