The End of the Trip

Thursday, August 26, 2010

After a week of absolute bliss, my parents have left Melbourne.

It was really, really sad to see them go. I'm still not over it.

On the way to Vic Market on Sunday morning

They left way too soon, and it's got me thinking about our future here in Melbourne. Is it always going to be like this? Never-ending visits, the family never being all together in one place. Being able to see my cousins only through webcam, talking to my sister through Skype, and not face to face.

Do I really want this life?

I guess I'll figure it out as time goes on. It's better having a choice than not having one at all right?

For now though, time to focus on studies, getting on with life here, and hopefully making the most of my Melbourne experience.

...and then there were two....(and Jace)

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