5 Fashion Perks That Come from Having a Boyfriend

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Having a boyfriend is emotionally fulfilling and challenging at the same time. You love one another, you fight, there's that thing where you have to think about your future... *eyes glaze over*

But here are 5 perks of having a boyfriend - fashion wise :)

1. Accessories - the oversized watch

Jennifer Aniston wearing the Chanel J12 42mm watch

The fashion-savvy ladies out there probably already know that oversized watches are very much in right now. So why spend more money when there's an oversized watch ready and waiting on the nightstand? Oh, and another handy little tip: wear it loose - it makes it look like a bracelet watch - also very chic!

2. Boyfriend blazer - the name says it all

Blake Lively wearing the SMYTHE Tweed Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer

Your boyfriend is bound to have a blazer lying around somewhere. Embrace this age's love for oversized pieces and wear the blazer with rolled up sleeves. It is also great for the coming warm season (for us here in Melbourne, anyway) - pair with flats are a pair of distressed denim cutoff shorts.

3. Shirts, shirts, SHIRTS.

Yes, everything is oversized - what did you expect from your boyfriend's wardrobe? Shirts are good, whether you are just approaching autumn, or looking out for spring finds. Who better to borrow shirts from than your boyfriend? Any size is good, so long as it's bigger than you. For a bigger sized shirt, belt it the way Vanessa Hudgens did in the picture above. For a slightly smaller shirt, wear it with skinny jeans or leather-look leggings for a fresh, edgy look.

4. Utility jackets

Olivia Palermo wearing the Zara Military Parka Cotton Jacket

If your boyfriend has an utility jacket - make use of it! Wear it belted (like Olivia Palermo in the picture above), or loose with sleek, sharp accessories.

5.  The Bag Lady Man

Kate Beckinsale carrying a Jenny Packham black Baguette clutch

When you're all dressed up for a night out on the town, in your finest dress at an event, or at a dinner party, I'm sure you wouldn't want to be lugging all your stuff around in a (relatively) frumpy looking oversized bag. You'd keep it simple, and carry a gorgeous clutch around instead. So who better to carry your extras (and we all have extras, don't we ladies) than your arm candy (with the large pockets in his pants and coat!)?

So make full use of that mister, ladies. Get to stylin'!

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