A Random Night Out

Saturday, July 31, 2010

So Raudhah wanted to arrange a night out, this weekend being her last one here for a while.

I think everyone was busy? Because she didn't get a reply from most, so we decided to head out with Jace and the rest instead.

The guys were going out because it was Arnold's birthday a few days ago (Happy belated birthday, Arnold!). We went to Seven Nightclub, three of us girls, the guys, and Arnold's friend.

There were 2 bottles' worth of drinks, wasabi peas, chips (amazing touch on Seven's part), and lots of dancing and laughing.

At one point, Gomez got in a bit of trouble with the bouncer - not because he was drunk, but because he is just that blur! He was a riot though, dancing to Lady Gaga songs in a really funny way.

The guys laughing at Gomez's dance moves

Raudhah also got a chance to catch up with Jin, which I think she was glad for. He was going to skip this and go for her thing, so it's good that we ended up combining the two instead!

As for me, I was really, really sick that night. So Mich and Jace say I got a bit bitchy :)
I think this picture shows my red, swollen eyes. So please don't blame me, guys!

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