My Mini 'Holiday'

Saturday, July 24, 2010

So I was back in Malaysia for about a week, to run a few errands and get a few things done.

While I was back, I tried to meet up with a few people, but only managed the one meeting with my ex college classmates, and another with Mich to Laundry.

The rest of my time was spent getting some things for Melbourne, and, of course, running my errands.

I also got to see my dogs, but I don't have a nice picture of Scott.

Then there were meetups with the cousins, which I am really grateful for, but didn't get enough of.

I loved being back in Malaysia, but, of course, it sucked that I didn't have enough time to meet up with all the people that I wanted to meet up with. I also missed the boyfriend, very much.

I was quite worried that I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with him (the last time we were apart, I had such a hard time getting in touch with him, and we fought so much because of it), but because he had mobile internet, and I had my Mom's BlackBerry service, it was absolutely perfect.
That being said, I was really happy to come back to him in Melbourne.

This mini-holiday really made me realise just how much I love Melbourne. Of course, I'd love it more if I had all my friends here, but hey, that's the way life is, I guess.

Chloe is, of course, very glad and pampered now that everyone is back in Melbourne. In fact, I am cuddling her right now, as I'm typing this.

I'm glad to be back!

I've been keeping myself busy! An exam the morning I got back, a negotiation competition (this is really freaking me out), going out with the housemates, lunch with the boyfriend...

Tomorrow I'm going to the boyfriend's soccer game, and then coming back and catching up on lectures. I found this really awesome programme called Tony Buzan's iMindMap, which I think works great for memorizing the law principles and arguments. Contact me for a download link!

Also, look out for some posts on keeping your skin glowing gorgeous. I was shocked at the results!

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