My Day Out

Saturday, July 03, 2010

I had a much-needed day out yesterday - with Jace and Arnold.

They were meeting up to cut their hair, and I was just along for the awesome food next door - Chilli Cafe.

Arnold and Jace ordering at Chilli Cafe - the Chilli Fried Rice Chicken here is heaven on a plate!

We walked next door to Sui to make an appointment - they only had open slots about an hour later - and then walked over to the Bourke Street shops to shop around for a bit.

The guys made a beeline for Rebel Sport, but I went and checked out Novo Shoes (my go-to for flats) because my gorgeous everyday black flats have growing holes in the heels. They had a sale (who doesn't nowadays) so I scored a pair of purple flats for $30. I am a very happy camper  :)

We also went to my favourite bubble tea place - Easy Cup - that now has these display cases for random sellers to showcase their items. There is this one accessories seller who has to-die-for accessories! I really want to buy them! *Trying very hard to hold on to my resolution not to unnecessarily spend*

Arnold on the swing-seats at Easy Cup

Then off to the salon it was again - the guys had their hair cut (quite good) and styled (not quite good - it was Korean-styled helmet hair).

The final result

It was relaxing and fun. Everything I've been missing since the exams. It's surprising how little I've been out lately. I am hoping and praying for very many more days just like this one.

My new flats, and Jace's new boots (but he didn't get them from our shopping trip, lol)

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