Library Day

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I accompanied the boyfriend to Clayton yesterday. He had to sign up for IELTS and attend soccer practice, and I needed to read a book from the library.

I was at the library FOREVER, but got little to no reading done :)

What I did manage to do was continually update Twitter, scare myself senseless when the library closed and I went to the nearby building to wait for my boyfriend to be done with soccer, eat egg tarts (I love egg tarts!), and chat with the family.

I stole the boyfriend's shirt 'cause it looked so perfect for a casual day at the library! I wore it with Joe's Jeans' 'The Jegging', a Cotton On cardigan, Steve Madden suede boots, and a scarf gifted to me by my cousin when I first came to Melbourne.

So I was in the Menzies building waiting for the boyfriend after the library closed on me, and I was freaking myself out because it was dark-ish, and there were all these cardboard walls and scratching and crackling sounds from construction works going on, but I couldn't see anyone.

I was kind of relieved to have another person (a security guard, I think) in the building with me, but then he walked outside to check on something.

That's when I heard a woman's voice. Singing.

All my hairs stood on end, and I wanted so badly to look up and confirm that there was in fact an actual girl singing. But I was also afraid that I would look up and see something I didn't want to see. At this point, mind you, the singing was getting louder and I was probably very close to peeing my pants.

As the voice got louder, so did the footsteps. But they were both eventually drowned out by my heartbeat and the psychotic screaming I was doing to myself in my head.

The way I tell it, this took forever to play out. In reality it was only a couple of minutes within which I scared myself silly, found out the girl was in fact an actual girl, and got my heart to stop trying to beat its way out of my chest.

The things I do to myself  :)

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