Denim Leggings

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Denim leggings or "jeggings" (short for jean leggings) are a trend a lot of celebrities have been sporting lately.

I'm not sure about the more voluptuous ones, but I can kinda see the motivation behind the lankier celebrities wearing these denim leggings.
For years I've been trying to find the jean with the perfect fit - just the right amount of stretch and not too much material where it wasn't needed (LOL non-curvy girls know what I mean here).

I think the jegging has finally solved those problems. I'm not talking about the cheap quality ones - the ones that kinda look like weird printed leggings.

The jeggings I'm talking about look like jeans, but are amazingly stretchable, and fit very nice and snugly.

I wanted me a pair of these, so I looked up a few good brands, and started looking for a good bargain on eBay.

I found out a few brands that manufacture a good quality denim legging: J Brand (of course), Joe's Jeans, Hudson Jeans, and Topshop are among the top manufacturers of legging jeans.

Here are a few eBay listings that I have found:

J Brand Legging Jeans in Sable (size 27): USD 89.99 + USD 30 postage

This seller has a great range of denim leggings

And here are the ones I bought (along with an amazing shoe purchase which I will probably regret soon - they are freakishly high heels)

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