Date Weekend

Monday, July 12, 2010

I've been with the boyfriend almost 2 years now, so we've kind of settled into the routine of things, especially since we live together.

This semester in particular, was very heavy in terms of workload and activities for the both of us. It had been quite a long time since we'd both gone out together, just the two of us.

For the last two days, we spent some time together, having lunch and just taking in Melbourne.

We had lunch at one of our favourite Korean restaurants (I still can't remember the name).

We went looking for a decorative canvas for his sister.

I got a little shopping done in between - rings from Collette accessories and a mousepad-slash-notepad from Typo (I love that shop!).

The next day, we took a little morning trip to Vic Market (one of my favourite places in the city).

I love everything there! The boyfriend was, of course, patient enough to follow me around as I aimlessly wandered the stalls. I wanted to get a beanie and a scarf, but somehow ended up with this instead...

...which was completely fine by me  :)

The boyfriend also got pretty excited about a pug he saw at Vic Market. I'm thinking he secretly wants Chloe to be one, too.

I loved my weekend!

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