Raudhah's 22nd Birthday

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So our Miss Raudhah turned 22 this 18th of June, and we surprised her with an apple danish with 2 candles above and 2 candles below the danish.

Accompanying the danish was some yummy homemade ice cream, but you don't see it in the pictures :(

Then at night, we decided (at the very last minute) to go out for a little dinner. Since everyone still has exams, we made a quick run out to eat like crazy, and then ran back home to study some more (oh, the life of a uni student!).

We went to Sofia's in Camberwell, to have a hearty, fun dinner.

The food was good, the gelato was crazy, and the waiters were nice and friendly (except the cashier - he was acting like he had something stuck up his arse).

It was a quick, but very fun, dinner.

Happy Birthday Raudhah!!

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