Post Exams Stress Rant

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh boy, what a day!

I just went through two days of exams, back-to-back, and I am tired out.

As a mini celebration (I still have a long way to go exams-wise, but I think getting through two papers in a row deserves a little bit of self-indulgence), the boyfriend took me to McD's to take away their dinner box.

I come home to find a mini-parcel waiting for me - my EcoTools mini brush set - so cute!

I am liking the end of this day very much :)

The boyfriend is now watching the first World Cup 2010 game, and I am just starting to get sleepy.

I am only just trying out new outfits and exploring the world of oversized non-pajama pieces. Today, I wore an oversized vest with cute little buttons, with a black top underneath and leggings.

I figured leather leggings would look better - a-la Olivia Palermo, in the picture below:

I'll post a picture tomorrow of what I ended up looking like :)

Goodnight, everyone!

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