Get the Look: Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2007

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yes, this look was from a while ago, but the most recent fashion shows have had such light, summery looks, which really isn't what I'm looking for.

So I chose this look to share instead. All you need for this look is an eyeshadow palette with a gradually lightening colour (any colour of your choice is good, really), major false eyelashes, a nice blending brush, and a pearl eyeliner.

Here are a couple of palettes to choose from:

Etude House Coffee Khaki eyeshadow palette (USD 17.99 + USD 3 postage), though I suspect you can get it for very much cheaper in Malaysia.

Bobbi Brown Eye Brights eyeshadow palette (USD 49.95 + USD 6.95 postage)

Urban Decay Foreshadow eye quad (GBP 9.95 + GBP 1.99 postage)

Shimmery Brown Eyeshadow palette (GBP 0.99 + GBP 6.50 postage)

Too Faced Candy Bars eyeshadow palette in Brown Sugar (USD 17.99 + USD 4.80 postage)

Here's the best version of the face chart I could find - apologies for the quality. But you get the general idea of what you're looking to achieve.

So what you need to do is:

Start with a prepped face - moisturizer, foundation, concealer, and a light dusting of loose powder under your eye to catch stray dark shadows

I like to start by lining the eye - that way you know what you're building up on. Make a wing at the outer corner of your eye. A good guideline for the look you're trying to achieve here is to have the tip of your winged eyeliner aim for the end of your eyebrow.

Then dust a light beige shadow all over your eye - just about a shade or so lighter than your natural eye colour.

Then take the darkest colour shadow in your palette. You can decide yourself between matte or shimmery shadows, but stay away from shadows with too much glitter in them. Swipe the shadow above your eyeliner line, extending slightly beyond your wingtip, then into your eye at the crease.

Take your blending brush, and blend until you can't see any more harsh lines.

Take the mid-colour shadow in your palette, and swipe it across your lid, where your dark shadow doesn't cover it. Blend again.

Reapply your darker shadow. Blend again.

Apply a shimmer highlighter shadow above your shadow, right below your eyebrows.

Redo your eyeliner.

Take your pearl eyeliner, and draw a line extending from slightly below the mid-point of your eye to your tear-duct, and then line the bottom eyelid as well - also almost halfway into your eye.

Revlon Pearl Eyeliner (GBP 2.51 + GBP 2 postage)
Etude House Tear Drop Eyeliner (USD 7.99)
Bare Escentuals Buxom Inside  Eyeliner in Pearl (USD 15.99 + USD 3.50 postage)

Use a loose powder to set your eyeshadow, then dust off the loose powder from beneath your eyes.

Apply your false eyelashes.
Revlon Fantasy Lengths self-adhesive lashes are great:
Thick and dramatic: GBP 1.60 + GBP 3.99 postage
Criss-crossed 'Dramatic': GBP 1.95 + GBP 2.40 postage

All done :)

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