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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scott is the oldest of the 'lot'. He is very light on his feet, and is always kind of bouncing up and down and shifting from paw to paw in excitement. The cutest thing about Scott is that he does this little 'bowing' thing, where bends down as low as he can go while still keeping his butt up in the air. He does it when he wants you to pet him, or when he's trying to look cute for food. He is now 7 years old - a senior mini pinscher, and showing no signs of slowing down! We have just started him on a special diet to help strengthen his bones, and I'm hoping everything goes well, and that he lives a long, healthy life.

Tyler used to be a naughty little rascal - not in the least bit as obedient as Scott. He would take socks and my grandma's shoes, and run around the house with them. He wouldn't chew on them, but he'd take them and store them away in hard-to-reach places, like under the coffee table, or behind the giant chairs in our living room. Tyler has calmed down nowadays, and much enjoys spending time with my grandma in the kitchen, directly underneath the a/c unit.

Chloe is the naughtiest, craziest, most annoying, irritating creature to ever walk the earth. She is also fiercely loyal, very highly intelligent, so affectionate, and very, very adorable. We sometimes think she is part-human, with the things she does and the way she responds to our commands. It's been pretty cold recently, and Chloe's favourite thing to do is stand up on her hind legs and paw at our laps until we pick her up and let her cuddle up and sleep on our nice, warm laps.

I cannot imagine a life without dogs. They are so entertaining, and it is so satisfying when they learn all that you teach them, and are able to do so many things.

Tyler has recently gotten a little sick, and is not doing too well. Please send him your good thoughts and prayers! He would very much appreciate it :)

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