Chloe's Venture into Womanhood

Monday, June 28, 2010

So I'm minding my own business, reading my Tax Law books, when the boyfriend asks me to look at what Chloe is doing - he does that a lot, and doesn't realise that while he's HON-ing or running around chasing a ball, Chloe does all those things and I don't feel like expressing the amount of excitement he's expecting to see - and I look down, only to notice this brown-ish patch on her...thigh?

Anyway, I ask him to take a look, and he lifts her up, only to find a couple of red spots on his pants.


I look at her *I can't say it!* and it's all red!

My dog has gotten her period!! I'm feeling kind of weirded out. It may be because as much as I refer to Chloe as "her" and "good girl", she's such a little rascal that I never really took her for a female dog - until now.

Thing is, I've only ever had male dogs - Leo, Spot, Milo, Russell, Scott, and Tyler. All males. So now this little rascal of a Chloe comes along and throws me off my doggy game.

The websites I looked up recommended putting panties on her (because doggy pampers do the same thing at a much elevated price), which I did, only to realise that she'd have trouble going to pee.
I didn't have to worry about that for very long - the panties were soon off her bum and in her mouth, torn to shreds. Oh, well.

She's still the cutest thing ever, though. Quite in need of a good cuddle every now and again (she demands it!), and so ravenous when it comes to meal time!

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