Celebrity Style Trend: Plaid

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Okay, so plaid isn't new. It isn't groundbreaking, and people have been doing it for ages now. The resurgence has come and gone.
But the way in which plaid was being done was so terribly boring. Shirts, shirts, and more shirts. At first, it looked fresh, laid-back, and kind of chic. Now it's just kind of overdone.

I am, however, loving the way people are wearing plaid in different pieces, to make their outfits pop.

I like that it's on jackets, dresses, and shawls, and in beautiful, vibrant colours. Here are a few tartan skirts on eBay:

Ann Taylor Loft Printed Plaid Wrap Skirt (check store for different sizes): USD 19.95

Aeropostale Navy Plaid Wool Skirt (check store for different sizes): USD 8.99

Tommy Hilfiger beautiful green plaid skirt (size 10): USD 4.99 + USD 8.48 postage

Taylor Swift and Agyness Deyn, both in vibrant red plaid

For a shawl similar to Agyness Deyn's in the picture above, see:

Red Tartan Cashmere Shawl: USD 9.59 + USD 5 postage

Kim Kardashian in plaid shorts, and Vanessa Hudgens in a gorgeous plaid dress

I also found a few plaid shorts on eBay:

Lot of 4 plaid shorts (size 0): USD 9.99

H&M Red Plaid Shorts (size 10): GBP 4.99

Finally, here's someone who I think did the plaid thing perfectly: the very sweet, very beautiful Priscilla.

I love that beautiful skirt! And I love how the colour goes so perfectly with the black.

I hope you like the pieces, and I hope you have fun getting your plaid on  :)

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