Beauty Secrets: Get that Beautiful Celebrity Glow

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Celebrities have enviously glowing, dewy, perfect skin. I am feeling a little jealous.

BUT, I found a little beauty secret that the stars' makeup artists use to create that glow.

Of course, a good skincare regime and a healthy diet are musts, but on top of that, this quick-fix does wonders!

All you need is a small makeup wedge/sponge, tinted moisturizer or bronzer, and a highlighter.

For a tinted moisturizer, I love ElishaCoy's 'Always Nuddy' BBCream - it's got just the right amount of tint, and it smooths your skin just right. It looks amazing and you photograph beautifully with that on! Available in Malaysia, from Honestly Facials. Aussie buyers, contact me if you want to get your hands on this amazing cream - it is available just as a tinted moisturizer, or with SPF 24 protection.

For the highlighter, try Stila's All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer - this one delivers just the right amount of shine, without making you look overly done-up. There are a few different colours, so check out the link above before you buy.
Here is a mini-bottle version (USD 6.95) for anyone who wants to try this product.
If you're sold on it - this is a full-sized version: GBP 9.86

1) If you want a more sun-kissed look, skip this part. Squeeze a bit of tinted moisturiser onto your makeup sponge.

2) Then, dab some illuminating liquid onto the same makeup sponge.

3) Dab the mixture onto your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Sweep the rest of it (make sure it's not too thick) across your face.

4) Only do this if you didn't do step 1: For a more bronzed look, sweep some bronzing powder across your cheeks

Another little beauty treat: brush some bronzing powder under your lower lip to bring out your lips and make them look fuller.

There are also many highlighters and luminizers available on the market right now, and I've compiled some of the best to help you make up your mind. Bear in mind that different textures help you accomplish different things.

  • If you want to cover dark areas (under and inside your eyes), then an illuminating cream would be best. Try YSL's Touche Eclat (GBP 21 including postage) - a cult favourite.
  • If you want an all over shimmer - then use lotions and tinted moisturizers for a healthy sheen

Laura Mercier's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 (50ml): AUD 58 (free postage)

Stila Illuminating Moisturizer SPF 15 (50ml): USD 9.99 + USD 5.60 postage
  • If you'd like a more flushed, sun-kissed look, try Clinique's Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator I found them in 'Natural' and 'Bronze' on eBay for AUD30-40). It has a range of colours from light rosy to sun-kissed bronze to bring out that flushed, healthy glow.

A couple more 'glowing tips' to get the look:
  1. Do not apply foundation all over the face - foundation is only meant to cover problem areas, usually the T-zone. Applying too much foundation cakes the face and makes it look dry and powdery.
  2. A little tip from the makeup artists at Smashbox: when applying tinted moisturizer, start at the nose and blend out to ensure even coverage.
  3. When choosing a blush, get one with gold flecks in it. It looks amazing! Try Smashbox's Chiffon blush
Happy glowing  :)

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