Olivia Palermo's Ring

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You can't be an accessories editor at Elle magazine and not have an awesome collection of accessories yourself.

Olivia Palermo has a beautiful collection of accessories - especially her cocktail ring.

It looks amazing, and I really want one!

In an interview (I don't know which one anymore) Olivia Palermo mentioned that her mother gave it to her, and that it was from Thailand, or somewhere in Southeast Asia, anyway. That means we can't find it.

But that also means, we can have a lot of fun finding similar ones :)

I found an almost exact replica of the ring - in ASOS. Unfortunately, the ring is sold out.

So I started scouting around eBay - and came up with a bunch of really cool alternatives. I think the reason why this ring looks so good is because it's big and bold. I don't think it's because it's gold and black - so if you're looking for the exact same ring, I shall stop you right here.

Ring 1
Black Rose with Crystal Encrusted Outer Lining: AUD 10

Ring 2
A beautiful Black Crystal Domed Ring with Enamelled Butterfly: AUD 0.99

Actually, you know what - this eBay seller has really, really awesome rings!!

Ring 3
Gorgeous 3-D Butterfly Gold and Black Ring: USD 0.99

Ring 4
This ring is actually kind of (but only very slightly!) similar to Olivia Palermo's CC Skye Ring (it's still really beautiful, though!) - pictured below

Ring 5
This one is a huge Champagne-coloured Filigree Ring: AUD 12.99

Happy Shopping! :)

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