Mary Kate Olsen Style

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I saw this picture of Mary-Kate Olsen and I had to share.

She looks so beautiful, and the colour of the belt makes for a really good contrast against the dark blue coat and jeans.

I searched eBay and come up with a few coats and belts for you to choose from:

Coat 1: A dark blue satiny material, elbow-length sleeves for AUD 19.99 + AUD 15 postage

Coat 2: This is a denim jacket - would look great with dark blue jeans and a belt on the inside AUD 13.99 + AUD 15 postage

Coat 3: This one is GORGEOUS! Lace detailing, and the most beautiful royal blue colour AUD 19.95 + AUD 10 postage


Belt 1: Braided belt, a mustard yellow colour AUD 5.99 + AUD 2 postage

Belt 2: Yellow-brown thin faux patent leather belt, AUD 6.99 + AUD 2 postage

Belt 3: Tan brown thick, braided belt, AUD 9.95 + AUD 5.95 postage

Belt 4: Black stretch belt, beautiful gold buckle AUD 7.99

Belt 5: Guess brown vintage belt, AUD 18 + AUD 5.70 postage

For you guys who want the real thing:
Coat: Alexander McQueen navy pea coat
Belt: Lanvin
Shoes: Proenza Schouler leather boots
Sunglasses: The Row for Linda Farrow
Jeans: Decca.234 Straight Leg Jeans in Daija

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