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Thursday, May 27, 2010

SO. I clicked on the ad link on the top right corner of my blog - Kate Spade sale - and have fallen head over heels for Kate Spade.

Isla Fisher with a Kate Spade clutch;
Taylor Swift wearing a Kate Spade coat

Her handbags are everything I've always wanted in a bag - clean lines, crisp detailing. Smart, structured. None of that overly slouchy, overly done up, over-the-top detailing. ALSO, most importantly, no logo overload! I am in love :)

Alyssa Milano with my favourite Kate Spade clutch - the Knightsbridge. I love that mahogany colour!

I also love the colours of her bags! So rich and vibrant!

Conveniently, I don't need to tell you where you can get them. Reebonz is having a sale right now! They're selling out really quickly, though. Good luck finding the perfect handbag!

P.s. Logo-lovers, they are having a Coach sale pretty soon. Be sure to sign up so you can go logo-crazy

Happy shopping :)

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