How to Prevent Oily Hair

Monday, May 31, 2010

I have this issue (especially when I'm back in Malaysia) with my hair getting oily by mid-afternoon or so. My fringe gets a little clumpy and oily, and I hate that.

I honestly thought there was no way to prevent this from happening, aside from washing my hair more frequently.

Then, I came across this little beauty secret gem, when I was browsing through websites and beauty books. Also, Olivia Palermo revealed in an interview that she too uses this beauty secret on her hair, and to freshen up her skin as well.


This little beauty bargain works amazingly to prevent hair from getting to oily and clumpy, and it doesn't hurt that it smells great, either.

Get a powder infused with the smell of your choice - there are so many options to choose from.

Just pat some powder into your hands, put your hands together to make a little oval shape, then shake the powder so both hands have an equal amount of powder in them.
Then, just run through your hair at the roots with your hands. The powder absorbs into your scalp and helps absorb any excess oil throughout the day.

A neat trick to keep your face fresh using powder like Olivia Palermo does is to spread powder into a little handkerchief or facial tissue, rub the tissue/handkerchief together to spread out the powder, then wipe it over your face. Believe it or not, I learned this little trick from my Dad!

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