Celebrity Style Trend: Oriental Inspired

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I get very excited when someone wears something oriental-inspired. What can I say, it's the Chinese in me.

Recently, I saw (who else) Olivia Palermo wearing a few oriental inspired pieces and got really excited about writing a post about oriental inspired fashion.

I just remembered today, and started looking for pictures and beautiful pieces to share.

I found a few beautiful oriental pieces on eBay:

For those of you with a taste for the finer things in life:
Jean Paul Gaultier Oriental Print Skirt: at USD 51
BEBE Red Silk Oriental Dress with Obi belt: USD 99.99

If you want to go big and belt it like Olivia Palermo does:
Green oriental jacket (size 14): starting at AUD 0.99

If you have fair skin, do the Cate Blanchett thing and get this Purple oriental dress (size 8). It is a MUST SEE! Think Rose McGowan in dark purple satin - orgasmic!

I also found:
Red short-sleeved oriental top with waist ribbon: starting at GBP 1.00
Boho-meets-oriental tunic dress (size 14): at GBP 1.99

A few "How to wear Oriental Fashion" tips:

1) Pair your oriental piece with neutral shades for that colour 'pop'

2) Oriental pieces are very bright and eye-catching, so be sure to keep your accessories to a minimum

3) Bright silk can be a bit overwhelming, so if you're not feeling very bold, find something neutral but with a twist (like Kiera Knightley's oriental-inspired gown in the picture above). Also you can try incorporating oriental fashion in another aspect of your look, for example:

This 6 Lucky Wishes jade pendant (I think it is absolutely beautiful!!!) selling at Sears.com for AUD 41

You could also try this Blue oriental clutch, starting at USD 0.99

There are so many other oriental inspired styles on eBay - just do a little search, I'm sure you'll find something you love.

Happy shopping  :)

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