Celebrity Style: Chiffon

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've been noticing these really pretty, really feminine tops. They look amazing, and they lend this nearly ethereal look to anyone wearing them.

On the left, Vanessa Hudgens is wearing a beautiful lavender/blue sheer top, and I think she matched it perfectly with dark-coloured jeans.

There is a turquoise top selling for AUD 5, from Supre.
I also found a gorgeous royal blue chiffon jacket from Jonathan Elliot - this is a must see!
After a little bit more searching, I also found this Jacqui E chiffon top in a size L - gorgeous!

In the middle, Olivia Palermo is wearing a belted chiffon loose jacket/blouse over a black top - I like this outfit :)
I found a similar loose chiffon jacket on eBay that you can belt up, just like Olivia Palermo did, for only AUD 4.25!
I also found a plus-size version, in a beautiful dark blue hue.

In the last picture, Olivia Palermo is wearing a black chiffon top over tweed shorts.

This black chiffon top looks amazing, and has really unique sleeves.
There is also a Bardot chiffon top, starting AUD 4.99.

Cowl-neck chiffon tops look really beautiful under a blazer - I've found a pretty beige floral top on eBay.

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