Battle of the Sexes

Friday, May 14, 2010

I have a bone to pick with guys in general.

I think a LOT of guys, when it comes to relationships, are untrustworthy, and generally horny to the point of dysfunction.

How is it that guys don't understand that doing certain things - say, going out to meet an ex who clearly still has feelings for him, for example - is off limits?

Why is it that a guy cannot stay true to the one girl he is with? Why does he feel the need to run around sticking his thing into any (and I mean ANY other hole he comes across?

Why is it that guys have this pathological need to lie about things to their girlfriends?

I have so many girlfriends who have been hard done by. I've heard so many stories that make me worry for my girlfriends, and prove yet again that guys are prone to doing incredibly idiotic things.

Granted, not all guys do stupid things. And admittedly, not all girls are smart. Girls also do stupid things, like cheat on loving boyfriends, and tell unwaveringly true guys that they need to get over them and then do an about-face when the guys actually do. (I have actually met said stupid girls, so I am telling you all this from firsthand experience.)

But I think it still rings true to say that a vast majority of guys out there don't think before they act.

Then again, I've heard my fair share of stories of girls who have done those exact same things. A lot of girls are just as horny and promiscuous and idiotic as their male counterparts.

Maybe there are an even number of stupid guys and stupid girls in this world.

Or maybe anything can be stupid to someone, so everyone is subject to the same negative judgment as I am giving promiscuous people, with respect to whatever it is we are doing.

Either way, this is just my humble (and unintentionally biting) opinion on the matter of relationships.

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