Stacked Bangles

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love stacked bangles. I mean, I LOVE stacked bangles.

Can't get enough of them. I feel so tempted to put bangles on when I'm just going to make a grocery run. I want to have them on at home while studying!

drew barrymore red carpet accessories

Drew Barrymore has gone soooo over the top but I think it looks awesome!

Of course, let's not forget the pioneer of stacked bangles (for me, anyway) - Nicole Richie. She took things to a whole other level by designing her own line of jewellery - House of Harlow. Of course, I am utterly smitten by her bangles.

where to buy house of harlow online

I found some eBay sellers who stock the House of Harlow line:

This seller is pricey - but for those of you who want to know where to get that necklace or top that this or that celebrity was wearing at whatever time - this is the eBay store to get it from.

This seller stocks Vita accessories - pricey, but gorgeous stuff.

This store stocks Kitson accessories - slighty cheaper, but no less gorgeous!

Another designer brand store. This one has everything from Rebecca Minkoff bags to Ray Ban sunglasses.

This store is dedicated to you bargain-seekers. I personally love this one :)

Happy shopping, everyone!

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