Seven Nightclub, Melbourne

Monday, April 26, 2010

Friday nights at Seven Nightclub are Asian nights. My friends arranged for us to go that night, and Dee came over to get ready at our place.

So we got to the line at the front, and we call them - only to find out they'd already gone inside!

We got in along with Louise soon enough, and the rest of the night was just a mix of drinking, dancing, and loads of pictures.

Vincent was down to visit, and he always makes going out just that much more fun because he's so hyper

As usual, the place was mega crowded, but I bumped into Ren Han, a former college mate, and had a little chat, so I guess having too many people there wasn't all bad.

I proved, yet again, that I cannot point a camera at myself to save my life. The first picture below was taken by Raudhah, the second was my attempt. Obvious failure, I know.

I had fun that night. The girls were dancing in a group, laughing at over-the-top dancers and just enjoying ourselves in general. My feet still hurt from all the dancing!

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