The Absolute Best Night Cream EVER.

Friday, April 02, 2010

I turn 23 this year. I figure, it's high time I start using night cream.

Because I'm still young (I AM.), I don't have to start using anti-wrinkle night creams yet.

The thing is, a large majority of the night creams currently on the market caters to the slightly older market. And the rest are just moisturizing - something easily dealt with by using moisturizing masks and daily moisturizers.

Night creams are supposed to repair and restore your skin as you sleep - elasticity, moisture, the 'defence barrier'.
Your body regenerates and repairs itself while you sleep - skin included.

Night creams are designed to work alongside the body's regenerative function, and therefore night creams are loaded with collagen, elastin, and the like. Night creams also do not have to compete with makeup, sunblock, and everything else you load your skin with in the afternoons. In short, it just gets to work its magic.

It is important not use a night cream with harsh chemicals, and in my opinion, a nice, natural night cream should work just fine at this age.

3 natural ingredients that are an absolute MUST for night creams:

1) Active Manuka Honey
This has been touted as the holy grail of natural healing ingredients. Active manuka honey is now widely used for its antibacterial, healing qualities. It helps rejuvenate and restore your facial tissue while you sleep, and it is rich in antioxidants, which, among other things, helps your skin fight inflammation.

2) Avocado oil
This oil hydrates your skin, and has been proven to stimulate the production of soluble collagen. This collagen is what helps improve your skin's firmness and elasticity.

3) Shea butter
Most of you should be highly familiar with shea butter and its moisturizing qualities. Shea butter also restores the skin's hydrolipidic film, making the skin more supple and soft.


I believe I have found the perfect night cream.

This is Living Nature's Nourishing Night Cream. It contains all natural ingredients, and contains the 3 all-important ingredients for a night cream as listed above.

I ordered mine for AUD59.80 (delivery included) on, and I am absolutely hooked on it!

The smell takes a little getting used to, but the first time I tried it on, I woke up the next morning with smooth, soft skin. I was so excited!

I use a mixture of products from Babor (from Germany) and Gernetics moisturizers (a French wonder-product), both available from Honestly Facials, my aunt's facial salon. Coupled with this night cream, and maybe the Melbourne weather, I must say, this has been my best skin year ever (minus the occasional zit that PMS inevitably brings round)!

NZPacific should deliver to most places, and Aussie buyers can also check out Priceline pharmacy, which carries the entire Living Nature range.

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