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Friday, March 26, 2010

Okay, so not many of you know this (and why would you).

I love all things fashion.

I never dared to admit it because, well, I don't wear what I think is gorgeous. When I see something and think "Dayum...", it goes into my little archive of beautiful things and stays there. Then, that's about it.

But I figured, what better time to share it than now, right? I am trying to break out of my shell a little here, wear things that I normally wouldn't, and share things I never dared to.

Don't judge me

So okay, I have been absolutely Kardashian-crazy lately. One of the things I notice most about the sisters is their style. I don't necessarily love their clothes all the time, but what I never fail to notice is the bling.

Seriously, okay, look.

This is, by far, my absolute favourite of the series (so far). Stacked bracelets are so current, and that diamond link bracelet, I think, is genius. Of course, these are all diamond-encrusted, so us regular folk will have to search elsewhere....or not eat or buy anything else for the rest of our lives.

I did find some alternatives:

Joan Boyce "Luxurious Links" Pavé Crystal 7-1/2" Bracelet, $69.95 at

Nadri Open Circle Link Bracelet, AUD104.62 at

At the higher end of the scale: Adriana Orsini Pavé Link Bracelet, $225 at

CC Skye Pave Industrial Link Bracelet, selling for $374 at

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