Happy Birthday Chloe!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

It's our Chloe's birthday today. The boyfriend reminded me yesterday, because I was writing about Chloe in our scrapbook.

We both wish so much that we could've brought Chloe home with us and introduced her to Malaysia, not to mention the fact that if we did, she wouldn't be apart from us for so long.

Once again, Kee Ching is taking care of her and for that we are eternally grateful, considering the little rascal Chloe can be.

But this is just a little birthday wish to my darling companion, the light of my Melbourne life (aside from my boyfriend of course). KFC drumstick and party hats on us when we get home, Chloe!

We found Chloe in Pets Paradise, Melbourne Central, on the 5th of April 2009. We'd been looking for a dog for weeks before that - checking prices and comparing. We didn't even want a Jack Russell Terrier but I fell in love with her the moment I picked her up.

We took her home on the 6th of April, the exact day she turned 2 months old. She was a brave little thing, not really bothered by the trams and cars of the city. She was already kind of playful when we got her home, but we never would've guessed that this little angel would turn into the mini monster she is now!

The family soon came over to visit. Everyone met Chloe, including Sharon, who was smitten even though for the last month she insisted that we were Scott and Tyler traitors.

She's all grown up now - a whole year old. She's better behaved around us, well-trained, and so loving. I miss her. I'm looking forward to seeing her when I get back!

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