Chinese New Year Update

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello all! I hope Chinese New Year has been tons of fun for everyone.

I've been having an awesome time, and there's plenty more fun to come! So far we've been all over the place visiting, and the boyfriend and I managed to squeeze in a little Valentine's Day dinner to boot.

Here are the pictures!

Firecrackers are set off to ward off evil spirits in Chinese culture. Some also believe that the noise from the firecrackers are supposed to wake up the sleeping dragon in order to bring rain to crops for the rest of the year, and therefore bring prosperity to the people.

Yee sang is a dish meant to symbolize good luck for the year. You're meant to 'loh' or toss the ingredients of the dish into the air while repeating auspicious phrases. Also, it is believed that the higher you toss, the more luck you get - so we are meant to toss the ingredients as high as possible. Of course, this, in my family, inevitably leads to a very messy dining table and very oily hands. Oh well, all the more fun, right?

The giving out of ang paus during the new year is meant to ward off evil spirits and also to bring luck to the receiver. Chinese New Year isn't the only time ang paus are given out. At weddings, both the newlyweds and the guests are expected to hand out ang paus in keeping with Chinese tradition - to bring luck and prosperity

The boyfriend and I out having our Valentine's Day dinner.

More photos to come - I'm gonna go disturb the boyfriend now. He's been sleeping for far too long!

Through the years, from the hardship and pain...

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