Chloe's First Day Out

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today, Chloe had her first day out and about in the concrete jungle that is Melbourne city.

We took a long walk along King street and then Bourke street.

We went to Chatterbox on Bourke for breakfast.

Then we went on the trains.

Then we took a walk along King street once again.

We went over to Munster. She pooped and peed on the paper like a good girl. (Okay, she had a wee accident [pardon the pun] on the wooden floor first)

Everyone stared. Munster was smitten. Chloe was smitten by Munster too, hope you guys are happy to hear that, lol.

The only thing missing was the boyfriend.

Now she's exhausted and sleeping like a baby....

....but I have to wake her up, 'cause it's dinner time!

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